We have designed exclusively stations to perform both services at the same time with two different professionals.

The average time is 55 minutes, but this time can vary according to add-ons and/or desired results.

Absolutely! You will find all individual services on our menu. Feel free to choose the combination you want!

The average time for a regular manicure is 30 minutes. This time can vary according to add-ons/or desired results.

The average blowout takes 55 minutes but can take more or less time depending on your desired results.

Absolutely! You can add our Yara Treatment, which is a scalp detox followed by our deep mask and head massage.

For this service, we use the YARA Deep treatment on your ends, gently exfoliate your scalp with the YARA Rosemary & Green tea Pre-Wash, and the YARA Deep Mask to restore the hair strands. This process will add 15 minutes to your regular blowout lead time.

Your hair will be washed at no charge if you are coming for a blowout. For Dry styling services, your hair must be dry, and the wash is not included.

We recognize that extensions are expensive and delicate — we will be as careful as possible in handling them. However, we are not responsible if they come out or are damaged as a result of our services. To accommodate for the extra time extensions take to style, we will charge $20 to all clients with clip-in extensions.

If you are looking for a single braid, you can book it as an add-on to the Yara blowout or Dry Styling for $10 per braid. For full braid service, we suggest booking a full Updo service.

Absolutely! We're happy to serve complimentary water, tea, coffee, and some snacks.

In order to keep our locations as safe as possible for our team and clients, no outside products will be allowed in our shops. We appreciate your understanding.

We are a cashless business and accept all major credit and debit cards.

Gratuity is not included in the cost of your service, however, it is at your discretion as a client.

We welcome walk-ins and always do our very best to accommodate it.


YARA products are manufactured in Brazil, where most of the ingredients are sourced.

Yes! None of our products and ingredients are derived from animals, and they have not been tested on animals.

YARA products are packaged with biodegradable plastic.